Will Tree Limbs Damage My Roof

Trimming back tree limbs can be essential to preventing extra stress and damage to your roof. When tree maintenance is ignored it can often lead to the chance that your roof will experience more damage and greater wear. During a storm, a tree limb can become a major problem with your roof and with wind, rain and hail a limb can be easily removed. With a large limb falling on your home, you could see a wealth of damage such as broken roofing components, structural issues and more. 

Tree limbs can also become overgrown. When you have a tree limb that grows over your property it is important to trim it back not just before storm season but to protect your roof from damage as well. When a limb scrapes against your roof or has the chance to overhang your roofing components, they will not function as optimally as they would without a limb close to them. 

Leaks And Clogging

When a tree limb sits close to your home, there is also a chance that you could experience problems with leaves and branches falling off regularly. Clogs can occur as debris piles up in your gutters and there is also a chance that you can see ongoing leaks in your roof from the falling debris or the degradation that fallen leaves and branches cause to your roofing materials.


One of the other unseen signs of damage that can occur comes from mold. In Florida, humidity and heat can often turn into mold damage or rot over time. When this mold or rot damage has a chance to persist it can often lead to greater hazards throughout your home. Mold is preventable, especially if you keep up with your tree trimming.

Make sure that if you would like to enjoy a greater lifespan from your roof, that you are also keeping up on trimming your trees regularly. 

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