3 Delicious Foods to Flavor With Herbs

Spaghetti Bolognese Recipe | Foodal

garden window is a great place to grow fresh herbs to use in your favorite recipes. It doesn’t take a lot of space to plant enough seeds to result in fresh flavor all year-round. Research what will thrive in your climate and growing conditions and start planting today. Before you know it, you can have a variety of choices to take your tastebuds to the next level with these fabulous dishes.

1. Spaghetti Sauce

Start a family tradition by simmering tomatoes, either fresh or canned, with basil, oregano, and other Italian spices. This makes a great topping for pasta, of course, but you don’t have to stop there. Try using your creation as a homemade pizza sauce. Or, make a dip for breadsticks. Yum!

2. Pork Loin

Cover a pork loin with a mixture of rosemary and garlic and bake it until it reaches the appropriate temperature. Put a little water or chicken broth in the dish while it cooks so the meat stays moist. Serve with creamy mashed potatoes and crisp, steamed green beans and you’ve got a family meal to remember.

3. Chicken Noodle Soup

Nothing nourishes the body and soothes the soul quite like this classic. Sage and parsley can help build the flavor profile. Simmer these herbs all day with chicken, onions, garlic, carrots, celery, and whatever else your heart desires to make a special meal. In the last fifteen minutes or so, add your favorite type of noodles and cook until they are al dente. Put some bread or crackers on the table, and you’re ready to eat.

If you need more recipe inspiration, look at food websites for ideas. Get creative and try something you’ve never had before. You could end up with a new flavorful favorite to pass down for generations. Food can be an artform, so get cooking today!

Signs Your Parking Lot Needs Resurfacing

Resurface Parking Lot - Why It's Time to Consider Improving Your Property

Does your business have an asphalt parking lot? If so, you know it gets a lot of use. At some point, repairs will be needed to keep the lot in an optimal, safe condition.

The question is, when should you hire a professional paving contractor Happy Valley OR? If you aren’t sure what the answer to this question is, keep reading to find the signs that repairs and resurfacing are needed.


Exposure to moisture and sunlight can cause modern asphalt surfaces to begin cracking as time passes. Once cracks appear, water can begin to seep into the asphalt, which causes them to grow wider and longer. These cracks not only look unappealing but can cause uneven surfaces, too. This type of uneven surface can create a tripping and slip-and-fall hazard to those who walk across the surface.


The rapid contraction and expansion of cracks in asphalt will cause potholes. When soil shifts under the parking lot, potholes may develop, too. Sometimes, potholes get so deep that they cause serious damage to the vehicles that drive over them. If someone drives over a pothole, it can damage their vehicle’s suspension, alignment, rim, and tire. Potholes are also hazardous to those walking across the parking lot.


Industrial and commercial parking lots get a lot of activity. Equipment and heavy trucks move across the asphalt and maneuver into delivery zones, parking spaces, and loading docks. The wheels constantly turning on the surface of the asphalt can cause intense pressure that results in warping.

If you notice any of the issues in your asphalt parking lot, make sure to contact the professionals for repairs and resurfacing. By doing this, you can restore the safety of your parking lot and ensure no one is injured and no vehicles are damaged while using the area.

3 Essential Storm Season Preparations

Storm preparation list: 10 things you need to do to be storm-ready |  7NEWS.com.au

In the United States, the severe storm season lasts from June 1 to November 1. Especially if you live on the coast, you must prepare your house for high winds and flooding during the offseason. Follow these three steps to ensure that you’re safe before the next hurricane makes landfall.

1. Inspect Your House’s Exterior

Every door, window, and skylight presents an opportunity for water to enter your house. Entries made of glass, such as sliding doors and windows, are easily shattered by flying branches or falling trees. Invest in storm shutters to protect exposed glass, and replace ordinary doors with impact doors West Palm Beach.

2. Stock Up on Food

When heavy storms hit, you don’t know how long it will be until it’s safe to drive to the store again. Furthermore, some storms cause flooding that blocks roads and closes groceries for days. Stock up on plenty of nonperishable foods such as canned meats, soups, fruits, and vegetables. Monitor the expiration dates on your cans as storm seasons pass; you don’t want to add food poisoning to your list of emergencies. Also, don’t forget extra food for any pets.

3. Pick Up Medical Supplies

Hurricanes and tornadoes are likely to limit your access to medical care. Make sure that your prescription medications aren’t empty before a storm hits, and stock up on essentials such as bandages, gauze, and antiseptic wipes. Other must-have medical equipment includes pain killers, thermometers, and butterfly bandages. If you experience especially severe storms, consider taking a first aid course from the Red Cross or another professional organization so that you can care for your family during floods.

Staying safe during storm season is a year-long endeavor. By taking these three steps seriously, you create a secure environment for your family during hurricanes and tornadoes.…

How Would Winning a Million Dollars Change Your Life?

Is One Million Dollars Life Changing? | Turning Point Money

Almost everyone has wondered how their life would change if they won a million dollars. Some people have daydreams in which they make plans for that amazing day. Others think about the changes they would make but don’t dwell on a possible unexpected windfall. No matter which type of dreamer you are, most people that answered the researcher’s questions about super monetary wins admitted they would make these three life changes if they won big money.

Build a Dream Home

Creating a luxury home for their family was on top of the list when it came to spending all that money. With huge closets, numerous bedrooms, and a large yard, owning a home is a priority for the dreamers. If you don’t want to wait until you win the lottery, contacting home builders Frisco TX may be the first step in making that dream a reality.

Take a Long Vacation

Traveling to a favorite world destination or trotting around the globe for a month-long vacation is also a dream people hold in common. Although the destinations varied widely, the chance to travel held significant spending weight. From luxury travel to backpacking through countries, the idea of pleasurable travel was diverse.

Buy a Fantasy Car

The chance to spend big money on a fantasy car may not surprise anyone that spends time with someone that loves vehicles. From European sleek sports cars to the Bolognese illustrious luxury vehicles, there are many pricy cars to choose from. If you love cars and have a desire to spend up to $17.5 million on a vehicle, make sure you get insurance!

Winning a million dollars would change almost everyone’s life. From owning a big home to buying a fancy car, the chance to spend that type of money would be exciting. If you won the lottery, what would you spend a million dollars on?…

Know the Law

All You Need to Know about Law

There are various terms of the legal profession that are known to the public. Such as legal consultants, advocates, attorneys, lawyers, legal advisors who can proceed in court proceedings and handle all matters relating to the law. Previously, the rules regarding the legal profession had not been codified or separated. So that it creates a different meaning.


Legal consultants are people who act to provide advice and / or carry out non-litigation duties. In court proceedings (litigation), a legal consultant cannot represent his client. To become a legal consultant does not have certain requirements, as long as you have a legal background and have specific experience in certain fields of law.

Literally, being a legal consultant is required to have sharp analysis of legal issues and conduct legal research. So, it is very necessary to master the substance of the law. A legal consultant is likened to a client’s legal partner and partner who must know the client’s legal journey. Usually a legal consultant is needed by every corporation.


The term ‘attorney’ is still often heard by the ears of the public. Legal attorneys in the legal profession serve as assistants or represent parties in court cases. These legal attorneys are generally represented by Advocates.

Legal attorney can also be defined as someone who has the responsibility to assist the disputing parties to proceed in court. The assistance is carried out on the basis of an agreement with the parties involved and stated in a special power of attorney.

Different from the definition of a lawyer when litigating in a tax court. This legal attorney can be in the form of an individual and must have a legal attorney’s license officially issued by the Head of the Tax Court.

Legal attorney’s license for an individual must meet a number of requirements set by the Tax Court. One of them is by submitting an application to become a legal attorney through the Tax Court Secretariat.


The definition of a lawyer before the enactment of the advocate law is someone who carries out his duties and roles as a lawyer in the litigation process (legal case) whose scope of work is limited to the area of ​​the High Court where the person concerned is appointed and after having sufficient experience can be appointed as an advocate. which has work areas across the region.


In more detail, the legal services provided by lawyers are in the form of legal consultation, legal assistance, exercising power from clients, defending, representing, assisting, and taking various other legal actions in order to fulfill the client’s legal interests.

Based on the Ministerial Decree, the scope of an advocate’s proceedings covers all regions of the region. Therefore, an advocate is required to have a permit to proceed in court in the form of an Advocate Member Card and Oath Procedure Files.


Legal advisor is a profession that provides legal assistance and / or advice. Legal counsel can be either an association or …

Cooking Up a Plan For Your New Restaurant’s Kitchen

The crippling problem restaurant-goers haven't noticed but chefs are  freaking out about - The Washington Post

You are about to realize your business dream, creating a restaurant that promotes your vision of outstanding service and cuisine. From your dining room furnishings to your staffing numbers you have so many variables to consider; however, nothing may be more important than your kitchen blueprint since food is the core of your business. The following commercial kitchen layout ideas will serve you well as you plan your restaurant.

Know Your Regulations

First, you have to decide if you will build your kitchen around code requirements and other permit regulations, or if you will attempt to incorporate those requirements into your nearly completed plans. You should work early on with your vendors, such as commercial fire sprinkler systems Orange County California installers; they can advise you on how their products or systems will incorporate within a range of potential layouts.

Estimate Your Capacity

You need to purchase equipment that can easily service the customer numbers you estimate for a busy night’s seating. In other words, you have to install enough ranges and countertops your cooks will need to prepare food over the course of an entire shift; you will also need significant refrigerator and dry-goods storage to hold both pre-prepared and leftover foods.

Plan Your Layout

In a chicken-or-the-egg scenario, you have to determine your kitchen layout above all else; a workspace with poor flow will not only challenge your cooks to perform at their best, but it will also pose safety hazards. You must provide enough space for workers juggling sharp knives, flaming pans and bubbling pots to move about freely. You can either create this flow structure as your foundation or as a consequence of your other planning steps.

Creating a commercial kitchen for a new restaurant is challenging: You can not just undo decision mistakes. By planning carefully, however, you can sign off on the design of your restaurant’s kitchen with a confident flourish.

Five Things to Do in Smithfield, VA

Isle of Wight Museum :: McPherson Design Group

Whether you’re planning a quick trip or you’re shopping for Smithfield VA real estate, you’re probably wondering what’s in the area and how you’ll spend your time there. Let’s take a look at a few of the main attractions in this charming town.

1. St. Luke’s

Home of the oldest church building and cemeteries in the state, St. Luke’s is one of the most well-loved tourist spots. In addition to the building itself, full of architectural interest and historical value, you’ll find a museum, gift shop, park, and more.

2. Isle of Wight County Museum

This museum is another treasure trove for history buffs, with artifacts dating from prehistoric times up through America’s colonial days. The gift shop shares the gallery’s focus on ham, as well as water and agricultural industries.

3. Isle of Wight Courthouse

Can you tell how significant the Isle of Wight is in this area? This courthouse, built in 1750, is one of the four colonial courthouses remaining in Virginia, and the unique design has helped it keep its historical appeal to this day.

4. The Porcine Parade

You’ll have to keep an eye out for these pretty pigs as you stroll through downtown Smithfield. The painted statues of hogs, decorated by local artists, each offer a portrait of a significant part of the town’s history. Have your children keep count and see if they can find all eight!

5. Windsor Castle Park

The beautiful riverside offers a multitude of activities for all ages in this scenic park. You’ll find a natural play area for children, hiking trails, a picnic area, and even a launching ground for kayaks and paddleboards. The historic site within the park is available to rent.

Whether you take an overnight trip or spend the rest of your life here, we hope you enjoy your stay in Smithfield, Virginia.…

Benefits of Parking Lot Seal Coating

While modern asphalt surfaces are designed to withstand the test of time, nothing lasts forever. While this is true, there are steps you can take to help extend the life of your asphalt parking lot while improving its overall life-cycle cost.

One of the best ways to do this is investing in parking lot seal coating Lexington SC. Keep reading to learn some of the benefits of seal coating paved surfaces.

Prevent Water Intrusion

Because virtually all asphalt seal coating products contain a fine aggregate (typically silica sand), seal coating can fill in the hairline cracks, which appear as asphalt ages. When the cracks are filled, you reduce the possibility that water can get under the paved surface. The longer you keep water out, the longer the paved surface will last.

Slow down Deterioration Caused by Oxidation

You can’t prevent oxidation, which is when the asphalt binder deteriorates because of exposure to UV rays and air, but seal coating can slow it down. Oxidation results in the pavement becoming brittle and make it easier for cracks to show up and grow. This makes way for additional deterioration, too.

Applying seal coating to the surface layer of pavement provides a layer of protection on top of the asphalt binder, so the sealer takes the sun and air exposure rather than the binder. Applying the seal coating regularly – every two or three years – can help extend the asphalt surface’s life.

Protect from Gasoline and Oils

Asphalt is a petroleum-based product. This means petroleum-based liquids that leak on it will “join” with the binder, softening the asphalt. This makes way for even more damage to occur. Seal coating can protect the pavement from these leaks.

Your parking lot is an extension of your business. Keeping it issue-free is essential to make a good impression on potential customers and clients. Seal coating will help make this possible.…

Why Are Building Occupancy Counters Valuable During Covid-19?

We’re all battling this war against Covid-19. We do everything we can to protect ourselves. In some cases, this is not enough, and we see every day how people have lost this fight.

Everyone’s responsible to add some value to end the pandemic. If we all take action and make precautions, we’re going to see some results really fast. See more ideas how to get rid of it fast on the link.

If we take a closer look into what the World Health Organization suggest, we will see that some measures must be undertaken. For example, constant wearing a mask. Then, maintaining social distance. Also, washing our hands regularly, and calling the medics when we feel something wrong.

Businesses carry more responsibility

We can’t stop going to work and do our daily jobs. We need to pay extra attention to what we do when we go to work, but at the same time, it’s the employers’ job to take precautions that will the work environment safe.

If you’re going to work, it’s normal for the people in charge to take some action and make the place a better working environment for everybody.

When we say this, we mean investing in some items and technology that will make everyone safe. For example, hand sanitizers, automatic doors, occupancy counters, and many other tech gadgets that are available in these modern times.

Why are occupancy counters valuable?

Imagine having a business in which 500 people come in and out daily. You can never know which one of these people is safe. Maybe all of them are perfectly healthy, and maybe half of them are disease carriers.

The World Health Organization suggest people keep 6 feet of distance and wear masks. This way, they lower the risk of infecting other people by 65%.

However, if the building you’re working in hasn’t got enough room to accept everyone and still maintain the required 6 feet distance, then people will surely be infected.

Occupancy counters can help with this. Instead of losing people because of the virus daily, employers should place publicly displayed counters and see how everyone’s safe.

What’s a good example of this?

A great example is the bank. Working in a bank means getting customers daily. You can’t let these people work from home because their presence is needed. Money talks need to be done in person, and so people will keep on coming to your offices to discuss business.

If the employees are under constant stress that there are too many customers inside the premises, it means you’re all doing something wrong. What employers need to do is install automatic doors and customer counters.

This way, those who are about to get in, but there are too many people inside, will have to wait for someone to come out. If no one comes out, the doors will simply not be opening.

How can you do this? What’s the technology behind it?

The technology behind something like this is called artificial intelligence. …

Getting a Business Functional After a Hurricane

While the hurricane itself is nerving, the aftermath can be truly devastating. The high winds and intense rains have the ability to bring down buildings, leaving proprietors with a depressing and stressful situation. Sometimes closing up shop isn’t possible. That means a halt to income, and many establishments cannot afford the situation; therefore, business owners are likely to try and find a way to survive, using creative thinking and determination. The following are three things that could help keep the doors open, even after a natural disaster.

1. Create a Temporary Office

The storm destroyed part or all of the main facility, but that doesn’t mean business has to stop. Instead, look for alternative space, and bring in disaster tools and equipment such as modular spaces and restrooms. These units offer flexible space while the original structure is repaired. They could be placed on the lot during restoration or located elsewhere to avoid the construction zone.

2. Network With Employees

Have emergency numbers for staff members. After the storm passes, make contact with all of them. Ask about their situations, and see if they need help with anything. In addition, update them on the company’s status. Put together a plan for meeting up and getting functional schedules together.

3. Reinvent Your Workforce

With the main space out of commission, managers need to think out-of-the-box. How is everything going to get accomplished? Can you tweak your usual business plan? Decide whether people can work from home or if they must be in the office space. What functions are still reasonable, and what must be changed? Consider using more online resources to hold meetings and collaborate on projects. This permits employees to assist in their own remediation efforts or be with family if needed.

It may seem like all is lost, but that just isn’t true. Search for the proper resources to keep the doors open. Dedication and hard work may just be the answer to surviving this trying time.…