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Utilizing public figures to market a beauty product is now common practice, considering that celebrities as public figures or people who have a big influence on the audience are able to make beauty products marketed or being promoted more attractive to the public. Usually the use of celebrities in beauty product advertisements uses models that are beautiful or attractive to look at. In order for beauty products promoted by supporters to increase demand for beauty products.

As a influencer spotlight on beauty products, you must be able to make products that are promoted or information about these products must be creative so that they are attractive to potential consumers and easy to remember, making it easier to find them. Initially, beauty influencers were present in early 2015 on the Youtube site, but the increasing number of Instagram users from year to year made beauty influencers not only on Youtube but also began to mushroom on Instagram. The awareness of women to look attractive so they can be more confident is behind this phenomenon.

Beauty content presented by beauty influencers includes makeup tutorials, skin care procedures, beauty product reviews, to vlogs about personal life. With various reviews from beauty influencers on Instagram, consumers are able to get information about beauty content according to their needs and lifestyle. Some celebrities who have a healthy lifestyle on average have a fit body. In addition, they usually tend to be active and productive. Anyone would want the same thing. Unfortunately, not everyone succeeds in making it happen. The reason is, it takes hard work and a strong commitment so that a healthy lifestyle becomes a good habit.

Influencers can be a trend setter for small or large scale. Therefore, many business owners work with influencers to promote products, services, or services provided by a brand. This is what is known as influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is an online marketing strategy choice that companies can rely on. One of the reasons business owners invite influencers to work together is to increase brand awareness and can also increase sales according to the specified target market. Influencer marketing is included in the native ads category, which is paid content that is displayed in a form, function, and quality that is no less good than organic content created by other promotional media.

So, what are the advantages of using influencers as a marketing strategy for your business? Check out the following explanation.

  • Expanding Market Share

By making endorsements through influencers, it will automatically expand your market share. That’s because they have followers who are active in interactions, such as giving each other likes and comments on content on the influencer’s social media accounts. This activity then makes any information about your product visible, readable and known to the followers of the influencers you work with. The next impact, your business can be known to more people.

  • Generate Word Of Mouth

When someone provides information or recommendations about a product, service, or brand through his personal account, this is called word of mouth or also known as word of mouth.

  • Building Closeness with Consumers

You need to build closeness with consumers. The trick, you can work with influencers who really like your product. Usually, most micro-influencers tend to use the products they are interested in first before recommending them to their followers. For followers of the influencer, this is clearly more interesting, because it gives a more real impression and there is evidence. In such conditions, the consumer’s closeness to your product can be built stronger.