How to Make Your Home More Accessible

Making a house accessible to wheelchair users is a necessity if an individual with mobility issues is living in the home full-time or is a frequent guest. Some adjustments may be worth making if you’ll be selling your home and want to make it attractive to buyers who have a much smaller range of choice due to their need for accessibility. Start with easy ways to get people with disabilities to the door and move on from there.

Ramps and Lifts

The most obvious way to make a home reachable by those on wheels is to install a ramp, either a prefabricated one that can be fastened to the ground or one made by smoothly paving a gradual rise to the entry. For a steeper slope, hillside lifts work like the indoor stairway kind to carry a passenger up up up to a lofty abode. In a colder climate, indoor lifts or even an elevator may be necessary to get to higher floors; in warmer and drier climes, outdoor ramps spiraling up as in a parking garage can bring wheelchair users to different levels of entry.

Kitchen Adjustments

Appliances may need adjustments to make them useful to people who will be operating them from a seated position. Make sure handles and controls will be at an appropriate level. Add spaces under sinks and counters so users can get as close as they need to be. Be sure space between appliances and islands are wide enough for wheelchair to get around.

Bathroom Modifications

A bathroom will need conveniences like grab bars (both on the walls and hanging overhead), shower seats, and sinks of appropriate height to accommodate those with mobility issues. Small things like mirror placement and turn-around room can make a big difference.

Even if you have no disabilities that make it necessary to make your home more accommodating, and you’re not looking to sell, any accessibility improvements you make now can allow you to grow old in that house without worrying about how you’ll get around.

How to Find the Best Kitchen Renovation Contractor

A kitchen remodel can completely alter the look and feel of your home! If you’re considering changing your kitchen, then you’re going to want to look into professional contractors. Here are the steps you need to take to ensure you get a quality contractor.

Get Your Money’s Worth

The average kitchen costs around $23,865 to remodel. Whenever you want to upgrade any component of your kitchen, it is an investment. Hence, it is important that you hire the best possible contractors so that you can rest easy that you are getting your money’s worth. If you install new cabinets, you should have a cabinetry contractor Tampa residents feel comfortable paying. This should not be someone who overcharges or does subpar work for the price.

Do Background Checks

Before you hire a contractor, you should look into the company’s history. How much experience does the company have? What does the company’s portfolio look like? Most companies will gladly show off their previous jobs. Some may even have clients that you can call as references to discuss what they thought about the contractor. When it comes to your remodel, you want to make sure that you are receiving work from someone with a solid reputation.

Ask Many Questions

Do not be shy around the contractors. You should feel comfortable enough to ask the contractor questions. If you cannot talk to your contractor about the little details, then you’re going to have more trouble when the project is underway. You should be able to talk about design options, price options and explain what you do and don’t want.

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, you should take it seriously. It’s important to make sure that you are paying for quality service, that you are doing the appropriate background checks and that you ask as many questions as possible so that you are comfortable with the decision.…

Top Benefits to Steam Cleaning Your Floors

People walk on your floors several times a day. If you have pets or children, you can expect additional footfalls and messes. Here are the top benefits to steam cleaning your floors.

Eliminate Allergens

Even if you remove your shoes every time you walk in your home, dirt, debris and allergens can still make their way into your home and land on your floors. Airborne allergens like mold, dust and pollen make their way into your home from doors, windows and the HVAC system. They can then stay locked in the fibers of the carpets or tile grout. Steam cleaning Waco TX rids your home of these allergens helping keep your home an enjoyable place to live.

Sanitize Floors

Sanitized floors look like new and can keep your family healthier. Bacteria and viruses live on your floor whether transported by your feet, your pets or daily life. Because the steam penetrates the pores of grout and deep into carpet fibers, those hot vapor molecules eliminate those tiny elements. Pathogens like Salmonella and E. Coli don’t stand a chance leaving your home healthier.

Eliminates Odors

Pets can leave behind unwanted odors especially in the fibers of your carpet. Even if you spot clean, those odors can linger especially if the humidity rises in the home on a rainy day. Steam cleaning deeply cleans those fibers and takes the odors out. On the topic of pets, steam cleaning can also get rid of unwanted visitors your pet brings in like fleas.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Probably one of the biggest benefits to steam cleaning versus other methods is that it is eco-friendly. The process uses few chemicals relying on the heat of water to eliminate odors, stains and germs. Fewer chemicals mean less impact on the health of your family and pets and the environment. The process can also rid the floors of other chemicals already on the floors. Protecting the environment and your home make steam cleaning a win-win option for sparkling, beautiful floors.…

Repairs you Shouldn’t Neglect

Owning a home is a rewarding endeavor. However, if you’re like most homeowners, you know it can also be an expensive one, which means you’re likely always looking for little ways to save money. Sometimes it seems like things happens all at once and you don’t have the time or money available to fix everything. When this happens, you may have to prioritize what repairs you make around your home. While it’s okay to put some things off, there are certain repairs that you should never put off for long or you may be looking at more damage and money down the road.

Roofing Repairs

If you have a leaky roof, you may think you have time to take care of it, especially if it’s the middle of summer and you don’t have to worry as much about snow and ice wreaking additional havoc on your roof. However, letting a roofing issue go for too long could cause more damage to your home, as the issue could get bigger over time. It’s best to search for roofing repair halifax ns as soon as you notice a problem so you can address it before matters get worse.

Foundation Issues

If you notice crumbling around your foundation, you should not delay to get that looked at as soon as possible. Your foundation affects your home’s overall structural integrity, and if you let an issue go you may end up with expensive or irreversible damage to your home.

Electrical Problems

If your home’s electrical wiring isn’t up to par or you’re noticing an increase in shortages in your home, seek the help of a licensed electrician right away. An electrical issue could lead to fire damage and shouldn’t be left unattended. The worst thing you could do is to let it go or, worse, try to repair it yourself. Your best option is to let a professional handle the job.

These home issues should always be taken care of right away, so you continue to have a safe place for you and your family to live.…

How to Keep Your Home Free From Pests and Other Bugs

One issue many people run into as homeowners are experiencing unwanted pests and other bugs. This can include termites, mice, rats, ants, and even bees, to name a few. It doesn’t matter if you live in the suburbs or even the city; these pests can find their way in a home and start wrecking it. Here are a few things to keep in mind to ensure they don’t bother you and start overtaking your house.

Close Off Openings

Whenever possible, make sure to close off openings that allow bugs, mice, and other problem pests to come into the home. While there are several ways to bug-proof your home, sealing doors, windows, and other small cracks is the best way. This can ensure that fewer pests come in to start with, and can prevent more from wandering in looking for a place to hibernate as the weather gets colder.

Know When to Call for Help

Getting in touch with an exterminator is important if you notice signs of bugs moving in. Even if it is only a few, this can become a problem quickly once they start to breed. There are a variety of services out there that address different types of pest, such as exterminators who handle mice, bigger animals like raccoons, and even stink bug pest control. Don’t be afraid to get a professional involved, because they can help you keep a manageable hold on your pest problems.

Learn About Prevention

An exterminator can help you learn about the best practices to keep bugs and other pests away. This is important to know even if you’ve had extermination because it can prevent future problems from cropping up later. Prevention is key in stopping other pests from breeding and taking over your home. Knowing how to do so can save you money and a headache later on.…

How a carpenter can help you with style and craftsmenship

Hiring a carpenter to help you improve your home is a great way to build craftsmanship into your space. Whether your home is a brand new building in need of personalization or an older building in need of updating, a qualified carpenter will have knowledge of woods, fasteners and options that you may not have considered. Be prepared for new ideas and celebrate them!

Custom Built-Ins

Beautiful built-ins can run the gamut from custom bookshelves that flank a fireplace to glass cabinets that display and protect your most precious objects. For families with small children, a custom built-in with covered storage is a great place to stash away games and electronics that don’t always need to be out.

Your carpenter can help you with layout, making sure you have power access in the built-in and matching the trim of your built-in to your home. There are many options when it comes to fitted furniture, from hidden draws through to perfectly fitted wardrobes to suit the shape of your living space.

Beds With Storage

Captain’s beds, or beds with storage below have long made it easier for homeowners to make sure they have space for their belongings. In addition, custom built bunk beds can provide plenty of space and grow with your child into the future.

How About A Bed You Can Store?

Another option for adding sleeping space to a room is the Murphy Bed. Depending on the size of your office or spare room, you may need some help in configuring the bed to open either the long way or width-wise. Think of the bed as an 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper. Most Murphy Beds open in portrait orientation, but your space may work better in landscape.

Customize Your Outdoor Space As Well!

One of the greatest benefits of working directly with a skilled carpenter is that they can create something unique to your outdoor living space. From custom outdoor seating to multi-level decks, your carpenter can take your ordinary yard and turn it into a space you can enjoy for years to come. In addition, this professional can help you plan for future projects while you create!

Make It Happen

The ability to visualize how a custom carpentry project will work in your existing space, as well as the planning skills to make it happen, is quite rare. Your custom carpenter can help you come up with storage, sleeping space and seating that you never thought possible. Better still, they can make it look as though it’s always been there.…

3 Steps To Find a Good Home Builder

Building your ideal home is a dream come true, but it can also cause some anxiety. To make your experience as pleasant and worry-free as possible, it’s important to choose the right builder. Here are some things to think about when choosing home builders in St. Augustine FL.

Calculating the Cost

Of course, the cost of your new home is likely a very important consideration. It’s crucial to understand what is included in the final price the builder quotes. For example, home builders will often include an allowance for things such as plumbing or light fixtures. You need to know how much those fixtures will cost to determine whether the allowance is enough for what you want, otherwise you could end up owing a lot of extra money at the end of the build.

Assessing the Reputation

It’s very important to work only with quality builders. There are several ways to find out if the builder you’re considering is ethical. The best option is to ask the opinions of people you trust for recommendations, especially if they have built their own home in the past.

You can also check with your local chapter of the Better Business Bureau. In addition, local builders’ associations may be a good resource since they may have standards that members are expected to maintain.

Determining Compatibility

You and your builder will be spending many hours working together, so it’s important to choose one you can comfortably communicate with. During the vetting process, before you sign the contract, think about whether the contractor answers your questions completely. Does this person promptly return your calls? Your builder is busy and can’t answer every call immediately, but you have the right to expect a high level of accessibility during construction.

Ensuring a Happy Ending

Many steps go into building your dream home. One of the most important things for a successful build is finding a competent, honest, experienced builder to work with. Following these simple steps may help alleviate stress and ensure a wonderful experience for you and your family!…

3 Guidelines for Creating a Healthy, Vibrant Yard

Most people like having a nice-looking yard. For some, it can seem like there is a mysterious code to crack to reach that goal. Follow the three guidelines listed below, and you too may have a beautiful yard.

Clear Out all Dead or Damaged Trees and Shrubs

Maintain the health of your trees and shrubs by hiring an affordable tree service Cincinnati to check them annually for dead limbs and disease. If you have trees or shrubs that are already dead, have them promptly removed as failing to do so can lead to many problems. Those dead trees can be a breeding ground for pests like bugs or mice that can migrate to your home. The disease that one tree has can quickly spread to other trees – the Emerald Ash Borer is an excellent example of that type of problem. Dead limbs or whole trees can fall and cause costly damage to your home.

Follow annual maintenance care

Your grass needs food and water. You must give it fertilizer multiple times during the year. You must also protect it from predators (weeds and bugs). It is essential to follow the care guidelines for lawns in your part of the country. All lawns are not created equal. If you move from Chicago to San Antonio and try to maintain the same schedule and type of lawn maintenance, you may destroy your new yard.

Aerate your lawn

The soil of your yard becomes compacted year after year. Grass, trees and plants need to have space for their roots to grow. This is where a great invention called an aerator enters in. It is slightly larger than a push mower, but still quite manageable. All it requires is for you to push it around your yard, and it will pull out plugs of dirt to provide air holes in the soil. Check in your area for the recommended frequency for aerating your soil.

By following these three guidelines with your grass, trees and shrubs, you may be able to create the outdoor area that you have been envious of in your neighbors. At the very least, you can make your plants healthier and happier.…

How to Add Beauty to Any Landscape

Creating a beautiful landscape doesn’t need to be difficult. Sometimes a little maintenance and a touch of creativity are all that is needed to take an ordinary setting to beautiful. Here are a few things to keep in mind when trying to change up a landscape and make it stand out.

Keep the Grass as Trim as Possible

Having a mowing service come regularly and trim grass can make a huge difference. If grass starts growing too tall, it can make any yard look overrun and as though it isn’t taken care of. For individuals who own a business, this is especially important, since it can turn off potential customers from ever coming back. Make sure the outside looks presentable, and you can feel confident you’ll encourage people to come back, no matter what you have to offer.

Pay Attention to Ponds and Lakes

If you have a pond or lake on the property, it’s necessary to keep maintenance up on this area. Besides being a haven for bugs and other pests, weeds can get out of hand around ponds and lakes. Find a service that offers weed control for lakes, so you can prevent bigger problems from occurring when growth is left for too long.

Add Flowers for a Personal Touch

No matter what your home or business looks like, consider adding flowers or other attractive plants for a finishing touch. This creates a personal look, and can even be customized based on colors. This looks inviting and can encourage people to come back soon.

When adding beauty to a landscape, don’t forget little touches, such as flowers and keeping the lawn maintained. Have a service that deals specifically with ponds and similar areas so you can avoid problems. Doing so can leave you with a beautiful area you can be proud to show off.…

So Many Ways to Use Solar Power

Energy costs—both to your budget and to the environment—are on everybody’s mind these days. Solar energy can help with both of those things, although there may be a little up-front expenditure to get all set up to harvest that sunshine. Consider the many ways there are to get the sun working for you.

For Your Home

From solar lights over the front door to solar lamps in the back garden to a solar roof new jersey over all, there are plenty of ways to solar-equip your house and yard. A solar thermostat can help you keep track of all that environmentally friendly energy and how you’re using it. Keep a solar generator charged up, and you’ll never have to worry about being deprived of power.

For Your Devices

Keeping your phone, laptop, and other devices juiced up while you’re out and about can be a major chore, especially when you’re constantly having to find a plug and stand nearby until the bars are back. Fortunately, you can now find solar phone chargers and cases that use the sun to charge your devices—even a solar keyboard. Make things even easier by toting a solar handbag, backpack, or jacket that keeps your e-stuff well-amped while you wander.

For Fun

Let solar bike lights illuminate your path, then secure your ride with a solar bike lock. Solar lanterns, flashlights, and reading lights can brighten a campsite or a blackout. Solar-powered bluetooth speakers or radios are perfect for a picnic or backyard party. Pop open a solar umbrella to gather up and store the sun’s energizing elements, giving those dark clouds a silver lining.

Charge up your good feelings for the globe by using more solar energy and less electricity generated by environmentally questionable sources. If nothing else, it’s a great reason to get outside and enjoy all the ways you’re soaking up the rays.…