Why You Should Regularly Service Your Air Conditioner

Top Reasons To Service Your AC Regularly

There’s nothing quite like a blast of cool air on a hot, oppressive day. Imagine how intolerable it would be if your cooling system suddenly broke down. If you’re dependent on your air conditioner every day, here’s why you should have it regularly serviced.

Catches Problems Early

The only thing worse than a sudden loss of air-conditioning is the expense to repair it. If you schedule AC services Pensacola FL at least once per year, they’ll find small problems before they become big ones. Having your cooling system inspected ensures you have fresh air when you need it most.

Improves Air Quality

Keeping your home cool isn’t the only thing that air-conditioning does. It also filters out particles and bacteria from the air you breath and keeps humidity at bay, preventing dampness and mold. To keep your air quality at a healthy level, have your system checked and cleaned every year and get the filters replaced.

Saves Money

An energy-efficient cooling system will save you money but if you neglect to have it cleaned, you’ll see a spike in your power bill. Over time, your air conditioner becomes clogged with dirt, dust and pet dander. This forces it to work overtime which is expensive and can lead to a breakdown.

Prevents Damage to Your Home

If your air conditioner fails, it can get uncomfortable fast and it’s also damaging to your home furnishings. Extreme humidity ruins wooden furniture, carpets and perpetuates mold growth. Not only does this lead to costly repairs, but it’s also unhealthy for you and your family. A quick annual service call is all you need to prevent this disaster.

If you enjoy a cool home on the hottest of days, don’t risk a malfunctioning air conditioner. Regular service improves your air quality, prevents damage and saves you money.