Why Would You Want To Re-Roof With Tile?

Tile roof installations are quite popular in the the Sunshine State. For many people tile roofing elicits an alluring sense of romance, as tile roofing has been used frequently for centuries throughout the world. The way in which many Floridian homes are designed greatly complement the look of a tile roof.  When you combine the elegance of a tile roof with its well known strength, it’s no wonder it’s popularity is so high. Throughout the rest of this article we will jump into the top reasons why it’s a good idea for homeowners to invest in a roof installation

Aesthetics –  

No one can argue with how amazing a tile roof looks. All the way back during the Roman Empire, tile roofing has been a symbol of status and nowadays it is far more beautiful than asphalt, the most used roofing material. With the installation of a new tile roof you will instantly make your home more impressive looking. 

Strength  – 

Tile roofing offers the most durability of any roofing material. Tile offers resistance to fire, bugs, and performs very well in extreme heat.  They are also very effective against the onslaught of hurricane-force winds.  All these considerations give a tile roof a lifespan of between 50-100 years. No other roofing material can outlast the elements like a properly installed tile roof can.

Diversity –  

Variety is the spice of life, as many say, and this is true with tile roofing. Roof tiles come in a wide range of both style and color, offering artistic architects the ability to make something truly striking. In the roofing industry there is no other material offering the flexibility that tile does.

Power Efficiency – 

Roof tiles have a high thermal mass, which in function aids the tiles to do a better job of regulating the home’s temperature.  This improved temperature regulation results in saving money on energy costs.

Wise Investment – 

Yes, installing a tile roof is more costly upfront for both the labor and materials; over the long haul when you consider cost per year of use, a tile roof is much more cost effective. With tile you’ll virtually never need another roof replacement. Perhaps the best part of this investment is that it will increase your home’s value. 

Hopefully you can see, there are several benefits to installing a tile roof in Florida. Whether your goal is to bump up the appearance of your property, or seeking for durable assistance against devastating hurricane-force winds, a tile roof in Florida will almost always be a smart investment.  Between the beauty, overall year to year savings, better energy efficiency, longevity and strength tile is the correct choice.