Why Are Building Occupancy Counters Valuable During Covid-19?

We’re all battling this war against Covid-19. We do everything we can to protect ourselves. In some cases, this is not enough, and we see every day how people have lost this fight.

Everyone’s responsible to add some value to end the pandemic. If we all take action and make precautions, we’re going to see some results really fast. See more ideas how to get rid of it fast on the link.

If we take a closer look into what the World Health Organization suggest, we will see that some measures must be undertaken. For example, constant wearing a mask. Then, maintaining social distance. Also, washing our hands regularly, and calling the medics when we feel something wrong.

Businesses carry more responsibility

We can’t stop going to work and do our daily jobs. We need to pay extra attention to what we do when we go to work, but at the same time, it’s the employers’ job to take precautions that will the work environment safe.

If you’re going to work, it’s normal for the people in charge to take some action and make the place a better working environment for everybody.

When we say this, we mean investing in some items and technology that will make everyone safe. For example, hand sanitizers, automatic doors, occupancy counters, and many other tech gadgets that are available in these modern times.

Why are occupancy counters valuable?

Imagine having a business in which 500 people come in and out daily. You can never know which one of these people is safe. Maybe all of them are perfectly healthy, and maybe half of them are disease carriers.

The World Health Organization suggest people keep 6 feet of distance and wear masks. This way, they lower the risk of infecting other people by 65%.

However, if the building you’re working in hasn’t got enough room to accept everyone and still maintain the required 6 feet distance, then people will surely be infected.

Occupancy counters can help with this. Instead of losing people because of the virus daily, employers should place publicly displayed counters and see how everyone’s safe.

What’s a good example of this?

A great example is the bank. Working in a bank means getting customers daily. You can’t let these people work from home because their presence is needed. Money talks need to be done in person, and so people will keep on coming to your offices to discuss business.

If the employees are under constant stress that there are too many customers inside the premises, it means you’re all doing something wrong. What employers need to do is install automatic doors and customer counters.

This way, those who are about to get in, but there are too many people inside, will have to wait for someone to come out. If no one comes out, the doors will simply not be opening.

How can you do this? What’s the technology behind it?

The technology behind something like this is called artificial intelligence. The occupancy counters are simple machines that see how many people are going in and out under their sensors. They don’t record and take no data about the identity of the people going in and out.

The sensor just sees how many people have entered the building. If the limit, set by the owner, is 75, they are only going to let 75 inside. When there’s enough room for this number to be reached, they’ll open the doors only then.

Artificial intelligence offers a lot more options. Companies providing these types of machines have some truly interesting solutions. Like the one from https://athena-security.com/occupancy-tracking where the occupancy analysis can be displayed through the internet directly on your smartphone.


Yes, the future has really arrived. We’re unlucky to have such a deadly virus right now, and we need to use amazing technology for those needs, but, amazingly, we have the chance to do something like this.

Artificial intelligence has been invented a long time ago, but only now it is capable to do such complex tasks. In the future, it’s going to be even more developed, so why not start using it now while it’s fresh.