What kind of grass seed should you buy?

We can all feel that it’s getting colder outside. Most of us thoroughly enjoyed our summer because most countries started to open their countries. That meant we could all go outside and really enjoy our summer. Pools were open, the beach was available to all, and we could eat at restaurants again. However, like all things, summer has come to an end. But do not worry because fall can bring a lot of fun stuff. For example, a lot of people are renovating their gardens. The trend of 15 years ago was to completely pave your entire garden. Luckily, more and more people are re-introducing patches of grass in their garden. But that does raise a critical question. What type of grass seeds should you buy? You did not think it would be that easy? Of course, there are different types of grass seeds. Today, I am explaining what types of grass seeds you can buy, and what type of lawn feed you can use to give your lawn a good start.

Different grass seeds

I buy my grass seeds from Moowy. This is the company that supplied the grass for most of the stadiums at the FIFA World Cup in 2018. Do you need any more proof of their high quality grass? If you have as much action going on in your back garden as at the World Cup, you need Sports & Fun grass seeds. This extra robust type of grass ensures rapid regrowth. It is a beautiful and resilient type of grass. You could also choose Shade & Sun grass seeds. This type of grass can exceed at low level places, which makes it an ideal type of grass to use in your garden. Moowy has many more types of grassy seeds, such as Quick Repair seeds, Premium seeds, or Power Lawn seeds.

Giving the right nutrition

You may also need some fertilizer to make sure that your grass can thrive. You should fertilize your lawn 3 to 4 times a year. The lawn feed from Moowy gives your garden all the nutrients that it needs. Again, there are multiple lines to choose from. You can have normal lawn feed or lawn feed with some extra iron. If you want to maximize the success of your new lawn seed, you could also buy lawn starter lawn feed. It’s all up to you. I’m looking forwards to seeing all-green neighborhoods again. Now let’s get seeding!