What Does A Real Estate Land Surveyor Do and Why Should I Hire One?

What Do Land Surveyors Do And When Do You Need To Hire One ยท Wow Decor

What Does A Real Estate Land Surveyor Do and Why Should I Hire One? This article will discuss the tools and costs of hiring a real estate land surveyor. This professional can also clear up disputes between neighbors. You may even violate driveway laws if you haven’t followed them. Having a land surveyor check your property will ensure that you haven’t done anything illegal. You can also learn more about real estate land surveyor laurel MD.


Depending on the size and terrain of the parcel, hiring a real estate land surveyor can be expensive. The survey price will also depend on how easy or difficult it will be to find the required documents. Some land surveyors offer fixed fees for large suburban parcels, while others charge per-hour rates for more complex plots. However, the price of a survey will ultimately depend on how much research is needed and how detailed you need your plot’s layout.

Hiring a land surveyor can be expensive, but the service is well worth it. For an hourly rate, a land surveyor can estimate a cost of between $375 and $745 per acre. The price per acre can be lower if you purchase a five-acre parcel. Other sides of your property will also cost you extra. Additional monuments or survey markers will also add to the price.


Real estate land surveyors use various tools to measure the property’s features. For example, they use an altimeter to measure the property’s elevation and GPS to measure the angles between different points. Surveyors also use various other tools, including computers, laser levels, and prisms, which map the land in three dimensions. A land surveyor must also have a Surveyor’s Certificate to practice as a land surveyor.

A land survey should include the property’s boundaries, improvements, and any easements, and it should also identify building setbacks and other restrictions that may prevent future development. Depending on the type of land survey, land surveyors should also include a written description of the property’s deed. This information is essential for obtaining building permits and financing. Lack of knowledge can lead to conflicts and disputes.


There are many benefits of being a real estate land surveyor. One of these is being able to help home buyers avoid potential lawsuits. A land survey is required for several reasons. It establishes the physical location and extent of a piece of land and determines the extent of other rights and interests on the property. Subdivision maps and part surveys are also important because they choose if the land meets specific regulations for street and drainage.

A land surveyor can determine whether property lines encroach on private or public property. For example, if a public road crosses a piece of land, it will be impossible to develop it fully. This could leave a parcel of land undeveloped or unused. Another benefit is the peace of mind that comes with knowing the legal limits of your property. Moreover, land surveys can help you avoid legal trouble if you are purchasing a property that has an encroaching property.

Costs of hiring a real estate land surveyor

If you’re in the market to buy a piece of property, you might be wondering how to go about hiring a real estate land surveyor. After all, land surveys are crucial to any property deal, as they determine property lines and boundaries. Moreover, land surveys are essential for real estate transactions as they ensure you get what you paid for. Fortunately, the cost of hiring a land surveyor is comparatively cheap compared to hiring an unqualified person to do the job.

While price is essential, experience counts, too. Hiring an experienced land surveyor is always a better option. A licensed and experienced land surveyor has more area knowledge and can better assist you with your property transaction. Always be sure to ask for references and look at professional reviews. However, beware of cheap surveys. They may not provide high-quality service, and you could lose money.