Ways To Improve Your Home’s Security

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Keeping your family and home safe is certainly one of your top priorities, but doing so can seem like a major challenge. However, there are some simple ways to improve your home’s security without spending a lot of money.

Beef Up Your Locks

The locks on all your exterior doors should be as strong as possible. Make sure that your doors at least have deadbolt locks, and consider installing mortise deadlocks that require a key for both locking and unlocking inside and out. Your windows should also be locked, even those on the second floor if there is any chance that a burglar could climb up the side of the house. Also, never hide spare keys anywhere on your property, and don’t help burglars by leaving objects around that could be used to smash windows. A fence with a locked gate may also provide additional security.

Add Light

Equip your home with exterior lighting Tampa, especially lights with motion sensors that come on if anyone walks by. Leave an interior light on as well, and if your are away, consider putting a lamp on a timer so that it will switch on and make potential burglars think someone is at home.

Clear Your Yard

If your yard is cluttered with shrubbery, hedges and bushes, you may be giving burglars a place to hide and even a way to climb to your second story. Clear out some of your plants to provide less cover. Also, be sure to put away any tools rather than leaving them outside. Lock up lawn mowers, garden implements and the like so they aren’t a temptation.

Conceal Your Stuff

Don’t leave money, electronics, keys or anything else of value in plain sight even within your home. Put them away in a secure place, and close curtains or window blinds at night and when you aren’t home.

Your home is your sanctuary, so make it as secure as possible with a few small changes that could make a big difference.