Types of Natural Stone for Building Materials, Give a Cool Home Appearance

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Natural stone is a rock that comes from nature. This natural stone is identically used as a material for building construction. Its function is to give a natural impression and its decorative appearance is one of the reasons people choose this material for home decoration. This natural stone can be used as the foundation of the house, the interior, and even the exterior of the house.

All types of rock are natural stone, but not all types of stone can be used for construction or building decoration needs. Stone used for building construction usually has strong characteristics. Not only strong, the style of the rock is also one of the important things in the selection for building construction.

Natural stone itself is divided into three parts, namely natural stone for construction, natural stone for media, and precious natural stone. The following is a further explanation of the types of natural stone that you need to know for use in home construction.

Know the Types of Natural Stone

Natural stone for construction is natural stone that is usually used for foundations in buildings. This type of natural stone is strong, so it is able to support buildings.

Natural stone for media is a natural stone that is commonly used as part of the interior and exterior of buildings. This type of natural stone has a style and artistic value on the stone.

While precious natural stone is a type of natural stone that is commonly used as jewelry. This natural stone has a high economic value, as well as a high artistic value as well.

Types of Natural Stone

Each rock has different types of rocks, but not all of these rocks can be used as part of the construction of a building. Natural stone used as part of the construction is rock with high strength and artistic value. The following is a type of natural stone that is seen from the process of its formation.

Igneous Rock

Is a rock that occurs due to the freezing of magma. Magma itself is a liquid that is in the earth. The magma inside the Earth moves due to heat pressure. This magma moves up to find a place with lower pressure. In the process, magma will experience cooling and solidification.

As a result of this freezing, igneous rock is formed. This igneous rock also consists of two types, namely internal igneous rock and external igneous rock. Deep igneous rock is igneous rock that cools down inside the Earth. While the outer igneous rock is the cooled rock on the Earth’s surface.

However, not all igneous rocks can be used as part of building construction. Igneous rocks commonly used as part of house construction such as Andesite and Lavastone.

Sedimentary Rock

These rocks are formed from the sedimentation process. The process comes from sedimentary material that settles and hardens into rocks. Sedimentary rocks come from the weathering of igneous rocks carried by wind, water, or glaciers.

This weathering then settles with other materials such as sand, gravel, and the remains of weathering living things. This deposited material then hardens, and becomes sedimentary rock. Some sedimentary rocks are used as natural stones such as Limestone, Sandstone, and Conglomerate.

Metamorphic Rock

Is a rock that occurs due to pressure and heat due to the process of metamorphosis. Metamorphic rocks are formed through the crystallization process of igneous rock, which causes particle changes.

This causes recrystallization. This metamorphic rock is mostly used as construction and interior. Because this type of rock has a unique character due to the merging of various kinds of rocks. Some metamorphic rocks that are often used are marble, templek, bali black lava stone, and sea coral. You can also look for bali natural stone supplier through agents who really maintain product quality with people who have experience in their fields. How to order products by contacting the following Whatsapp: https://wa.me/6281578575809 (Aldi)