Tips For Gutting a Home

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If you bought a home with the intent to gut and renovate it, there are a few things you should know before starting the gutting process. You will need the proper equipment to protect yourself from harm during this. Wear gloves, protective eyewear and potentially a hard hat to prevent injuries. Read the tips below to be sure you gut your house properly.

1. Do Your Prep Work

Before gutting any room, turn off all utilities to the room including water and electricity. Many gut jobs include electrical remodels Sandwich MA, so you may need to keep the electricity off during the remodel as well. Additionally, cover up the floors with tarps unless you plan to replace them.

2. Remove Cabinets and Fixtures

Before anything can be done to the walls of kitchens and bathrooms, all cabinets, vanities and fixtures must be removed. This includes old toilets and tubs, assuming you plan to replace them. Renting a dumpster to keep outside the house during the gutting will save you time and energy in hauling out these large items.

3. Take Down Drywall

Remove all existing drywall from the rooms you are gutting. Further, remove the insulation as well. You would be wise to replace insulation when replacing the drywall.

4. Eliminate Unwanted Interior Walls

Current trends favor open floor plans, so many homeowners prefer to remove as many interior walls as possible. Before removing any walls, ensure that they are not load-bearing. If you take out a load-bearing wall it could have catastrophic consequences and damage your home beyond repair.

Gutting a house can often be easier said than done and will take hours of grueling physical labor. With that being said, it could also save you thousands of dollars in labor costs if you do it yourself. Remember to prepare, remove cabinets and fixtures, take down drywall and safely remove unwanted interior walls.