Tips for Growing a Beautiful Lawn in Southern California

Summer Lawn Care Tips (2022) - This Old House

Whether you want a beautiful lawn because you enjoy the feeling of fresh, beautiful grass under your feet in the summer, or you’re trying to spruce up your lawn to create curb appeal and sell your property, you need the right tools and mindset to have gorgeous grass in Southern California.

Examine Your Soil

You’ll need the best soil possible if you want your grass to grow strong and green. Soil is responsible for providing grass with the water, oxygen, and nutrients it needs to thrive. The best soil for this is one that has just the right amounts of clay, sand, and salt. Grab a clump of soil and open your hand. If it holds its shape but falls apart when you poke it, you have the right kind, known as loam soil. Soil that falls apart right away is too sand while soil that stays clumped when poked has too much clay. You can remedy this by adding compost or organic material, respectively.

Choose the Right Grass

The right grass is essential as well. There are several types of grass that will work. St. Augustine is one of the more popular types and flourishes well in direct sunlight and high temperatures. The blue-green hue of it will last well into fall months as well. Bermudagrass is also well-suited for Southern California, and because it is tough, is an excellent choice if your kids or pets will spend a lot of time on the lawn. Regardless of which one you choose, you’ll need to hire seeders who understand the concept of erosion prevention Southern California. This way, you won’t need to worry about your grass gradually washing away after every summer storm.

Understanding the basics of soil and grass options for your Southern California lawn is important, but it’s also important to work with professionals. Choose lawn care experts who are experienced, knowledgeable, and willing to show you a portfolio of their work.