The 3 Locations for Your Heating Oil Tanks

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Heating oil tanks use petroleum fuel to keep your home, office building or warehouse warm. Heating oil is almost like diesel fuel, with just a few chemical differences. In the United States, heating oil must have a sulfur content below 500 parts per million. The most common markets for heating oil tanks in the US are in New York, Pennsylvania and the entirety of New England.

Given that these climates have frigid winters, you can imagine the storage of your fuel tank is crucial. However, the location of your fuel tank will depend on your type of fuel tank, climate and property constraints. If you want to install or move your fuel tank, see below for some tips on the ideal location based on your situation. Always hire professional oil tank services NY to relocate or install your tank.

There are three locations you can place your oil tank. They are:

  1. Underground tanks. Typically, underground oil tanks have a much higher capacity, ranging from 550 to 1000 gallons. However, the process of repairing, removing or locating them is difficult and much more expensive than other types of tanks.
  2. Outdoor Aboveground Tanks. These tanks need to withstand harsh climates and changes in temperature. They have a standard capacity of 275 gallons. These tanks require the most maintenance because they get exposed to wear and tear.
  3. Indoor Tanks. Usually, you find these in garages, basements or sheds. Tanks built for indoor storage have a storage capacity between 160 and 400 gallons and probably are the easiest to install and maintain. However, not everyone has the space for an indoor tank.

Your heating oil tank placement is essential to creating a good maintenance plan. Each type of tank has its pros and cons. Consult with a professional about the best location for your fuel tank before deciding on your own.