Professional vs DIY Steam Cleaning Carpets

When you want to clean your carpets, you have many options as to how to go about it. You may choose to clean your carpets yourself, you can hire professionals, such as our friends at the Enterprise, AL carpet cleaning services company, Lighthouse Cleaning Services, or you can do a combination of the two. There are pros and cons to choosing each one of these options and you will learn about them in the following article. Read on to learn how professional and DIY steam cleaning differ. 


  1. Equipment.
    One difference between professional and do it yourself steam cleaning for carpets is in the equipment that is used. When you choose the do it yourself option, you may be using a machine that you purchased for home use. The machine can clean your carpet, but it will not clean it as well as a professional machine can. A professional machine is able to keep the water at a higher, more consistent temperature and this means that it will be better when it comes to cleaning the fibers. Also, when you use a professional carpet cleaning machine, the suction is much better than a DIY machine. The professional machine will remove more of the cleaning agent and water from the flooring. Leaving any of the cleaning agent on the carpet can start to make it dirtier in the long run as it may attract dirt as it stays in the carpet’s fibers. 


  1. Methods.
    When you choose to clean your carpet yourself, unless you were a professional carpet cleaner, you probably do not have knowledge of the methods that they use. A professional carpet cleaner is trained in different ways to clean carpet and remove any stains that may be there. They know the proper cleaning agents to use and how much of each one they should use. They also know how to properly use the cleaning equipment so the carpet is as clean as possible. 


  1. Cleaning Agents.
    Using a professional cleaning service for steam cleaning carpets means that the best possible cleaning agents are being used. There are many different cleaners that only professionals can use and that they know about, so many times, when DIY carpet cleaning occurs, good cleaning agents are used, but they may not be the best cleaners that are available for the job. While it may look like DIY cleaners are doing a good job because dirt is being removed, with professional-grade cleaning agents, there is typically quite a bit more dirt removed from the carpets. 


In conclusion, there are some differences between professional steam carpet cleaning and DIY equipment, methods, and cleaning agents. While DIY options can remove dirt and stains from carpet, professional carpet cleaning can do a much better job for many different reasons. As you consider which route you want to take, it is important to consider all that each method can do your carpet and exactly what type of cleaning experience you desire. Both options offer you a way to get your carpets clean, but there are differences in the level of clean that your carpets will get.