Is it hard for your child to find a home? Buy a used shipping container!

The Unfortunate Truth of Shipping Container Homes - Drivin' & Vibin'

A new house can cost so much money. When your child wants to move out of your house, it might be a challenge for him or her to get a good mortgage or even to find a good house that he or she can afford. You are not the only one that fights these battles. Looking for a creative solution? You just found one. You can buy a used shipping container and place it in your garden.

Buy a secondhand shipping container

Depending on the regulations of your home town, you might be able to place a used shipping container. You could check out the website of Eveon containers to see if this is something you could be open to. The container will cost you between $ 2000.- and $ 3000.- depending on the size you choose. It also might be a nice idea to keep an eye on your pre-adulting child. He or she can have the freedom (s)he’s longing for and you do not feel so abandoned.

Why a container?

Compared to a garden shed or tiny house, a used container is so much cheaper. They are watertight, and ISO certified. All containers are being inspected and repaired if necessary. They are very strong and easy to paint. If you’re a bit handy, you can transform the containers into all kinds of tiny houses. And you also help minimizing the impact on the environment by using a secondhand container. Did you know that processing new containers emits 11.807 kg of CO2 per container?

More advantages of placing an old shipping container

When placing a shipping container in your backyard you will give your daughter or son time to practice on living on its own. When he or she needs you for something, it is easier to help out. For example, learning how to cook or having questions about how to do laundry. Your child still has your support while still living on its own. In addition, after your child has moved to another home, you can use the tiny house as a (wo)man cave or you can rent it to other people. You could also use it for your parents, so you can take care of them when they get older. Luckily there are a lot of 40ft High Cube Containers for sale. Which one would you buy?