How to choose the best Arborist for the Job

When you’re looking for the best Brisbane tree services, you need to do a little research. It won’t take long, but it ensures that you don’t hire a cowboy team with no real experience, few if any qualifications, and no insurance. All of these are extremely important when you invite a company onto your property to prune or cut down your trees, even more so when the health of your tree is at stake. So here are five tips to help you find the best tree company for your situation.

Five steps for selecting the best Brisbane tree services

  1. Always ask about their qualifications: People who specialise in tree services can gain qualifications from TAFE, but they can also study for Diplomas and Degrees in Arboriculture. Also make sure to ask if they have the right qualifications for using a chainsaw and woodchippers, as well as working at heights if they need to scale tall trees using ropes.
  2. Always ask about Australian Standards: All tree loppers should work to Australian Standards that ensure the health and safety of their crew, people in the vicinity, surrounding property and the trees. They should be able to give you the correct standard as well, which is AS4373 for pruning of amenity trees.
  3. Always ask for a quote: All legitimate Brisbane tree services, will happily give you a free quote for the work and also pay a visit on-site so that this quote is accurate. If they won’t give you a quote before starting work, then find another company who will. Also, make sure that the quote includes how they will deal with the branches and trunks that are cut down (will they leave them ‘as is’ on your property, chip them and leave them for you to use as mulch or take them away). Make sure that your quote is also itemised in detail, so there’s no surprises on the day.
  4. Always ask about insurance: Tree loppers should have both Worker’s Compensation Insurance and Public Liability Insurance. If they don’t have these insurances, then as the homeowner, you will be responsible. This means that if one of their crew is injured on your property and they don’t have Worker’s Compensation, you can be held responsible for their medical bills and time off work due to their injury. If they don’t have Public Liability, you can be held responsible for any property damage, even if it occurs to your neighbour’s property. So always ask for proof of these insurances before you let any tradespeople on your property to work. 
  5. Always ask for references: Popular Brisbane tree services will have plenty of people on their books who are happy customers and willing to provide a reference for the company. They understand that social proof can mean the difference between a good and a bad job, and so will take the time to speak to you about their experience with the company. 

Too many people let tradespeople onto their property indiscriminately, unaware that they don’t have the qualifications, experience, insurances or good will to complete the job properly or safely. You don’t want to be one of those people, so always ask the above five questions and you can be assured of finding the best Brisbane tree services for the job. 

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