How Do I Know I Need a New Boiler?

Sometimes we do not know when we need to purchase a new boiler.  They do not come with an expiry date, so the ways we usually find out are too late and we have to go without any hot water or heating.  However here are some signs that it may be time for you to get a new boiler.

Constantly Replacing Parts

If you are constantly having to replace parts in your boiler and call out an engineer, then it is most probably time to replace your boiler with a new one.  If you are having to spend money on call outs and replacement parts, it would be cheaper, in the long run, to just buy a new boiler.If your boiler replacement parts are getting harder to find by your engineer, then that is a good sign that your boiler will need replacing.  

Over 10 Years Old

If your boiler is over ten years of age, then it may be time to start thinking about replacing it.  If the boiler doesn’t seem to have any major faults, ask a qualified engineer to take a look at it at the next service and see what they recommend.  In ten years, a lot can change in technology and efficiency and safety levels.

Energy Efficiency 

We all try and keep our energy bills down as much as possible by finding the best deal.  It is sometimes worth considering that your boiler might be the reason for your high energy bills.  

If there are constant problems with your heating, the house taking ages to warm up, running out of hot water etc.  Then it is time to contact your heating engineer and get them to take a look and let you know whether there is anything that can be done or whether you need to bite the bullet and get a new boiler.


If you have any leaks from your boiler this could cause a lot of damage to your home and the actual boiler.  Contact your engineer as soon as possible if you spot this problem so that they can take a look and advise you as to what to do.

Noisy Boilers & Pipes

According to Andy from Rotherham heating engineers HomeGlow Gas Services “Boilers that bang and make lots of noise should be investigated into.  These sounds usually point to something that is wrong with the boiler and it could be leading up to a breakdown.”

If your radiators take longer to heat up this could mean a fault in your boiler.  A new boiler can reach the maximum temperature that is required quickly. Arrange for a heating engineer to come and take a look for you.


If your boiler is giving off a foul odour, then it needs to be looked at by a professional immediately.  This could indicate a carbon monoxide leak. This in itself is an odourless smell but it could have created a leak within the boiler.  Other signs of carbon monoxide can be a pilot light that blows out often, increased condensation within your windows in your home, the boiler burning a yellow flame instead of a blue one and any dark soot on or around the appliance.