How a carpenter can help you with style and craftsmenship

Hiring a carpenter to help you improve your home is a great way to build craftsmanship into your space. Whether your home is a brand new building in need of personalization or an older building in need of updating, a qualified carpenter will have knowledge of woods, fasteners and options that you may not have considered. Be prepared for new ideas and celebrate them!

Custom Built-Ins

Beautiful built-ins can run the gamut from custom bookshelves that flank a fireplace to glass cabinets that display and protect your most precious objects. For families with small children, a custom built-in with covered storage is a great place to stash away games and electronics that don’t always need to be out.

Your carpenter can help you with layout, making sure you have power access in the built-in and matching the trim of your built-in to your home. There are many options when it comes to fitted furniture, from hidden draws through to perfectly fitted wardrobes to suit the shape of your living space.

Beds With Storage

Captain’s beds, or beds with storage below have long made it easier for homeowners to make sure they have space for their belongings. In addition, custom built bunk beds can provide plenty of space and grow with your child into the future.

How About A Bed You Can Store?

Another option for adding sleeping space to a room is the Murphy Bed. Depending on the size of your office or spare room, you may need some help in configuring the bed to open either the long way or width-wise. Think of the bed as an 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper. Most Murphy Beds open in portrait orientation, but your space may work better in landscape.

Customize Your Outdoor Space As Well!

One of the greatest benefits of working directly with a skilled carpenter is that they can create something unique to your outdoor living space. From custom outdoor seating to multi-level decks, your carpenter can take your ordinary yard and turn it into a space you can enjoy for years to come. In addition, this professional can help you plan for future projects while you create!

Make It Happen

The ability to visualize how a custom carpentry project will work in your existing space, as well as the planning skills to make it happen, is quite rare. Your custom carpenter can help you come up with storage, sleeping space and seating that you never thought possible. Better still, they can make it look as though it’s always been there.