Career Change? 4 Unique Jobs To Try Today

Job changes, business restructuring, nation-wide layoffs, and unemployment are all a result of the recent COVID-19 pandemic. If you are one of many out of work or employed but searching for something new, check out these four unexpected career ideas you can pursue at any stage of life.

1. Real Estate

Do you love property, home evaluations, and working with people? Consider a career in local residential real estate or tackle the ever-changing commercial real estate market as businesses, warehouses, and workplaces completely rethink the way operations happen. Research your state’s real estate testing and license requirements and begin preparing for the exam. Consider consulting with local agents to shadow and learn in real-time, or opt for a training program such as real estate education Waltham to prepare yourself.

2. Special Talents

To simultaneously fuse your passions with income, consider selling your gifts and talents to others. Are you skilled at jewelry making, crafting, cooking, dog walking, cleaning, photography, or organization? Research local and state guidelines for starting a business and embark on your journey of being your own boss while earning cash along the way.

3. Tutoring and Schooling

Schools around the globe are facing new challenges when it comes to teaching and learning during a pandemic. If you are a skilled tutor, teacher, or parent, consider offering your services to assist students working remotely or leading private homeschool classes. Working parents are likely looking for responsible educators to help their children manage daily learning tasks.

4. Service

Now more than ever, our society has learned the value of service. If you are looking for work, consider starting in your own community at a local grocery or convenience store, restaurant, hotel, or other operating establishment. A job in the service industry can provide valuable life skills and enforce a diligent work ethic as you continue to look for full-time work.

Utilize your skills and savviness to find a new job or career path today!