Best Ways To Keep Your Basement Dry

8 Tips to Keep Your Basement Dry | Epoxy Colorado

While basements have a reputation for being dark and dank, the last thing you want is excess moisture. A wet basement can lead to problems such as mold growth and structural damage. If you’re wrestling with a basement that’s too damp, here are the best ways to keep it dry.

Install a Rain Gutter

The first step to keeping a basement dry is to divert water away. When it rains, water pools around your foundation and seeps into the cellar. To prevent this, a rain gutter can be easily installed along your roof’s edge to channel water away. However, you must routinely inspect the gutter to keep it free of leaves and debris.

Hire a Waterproofing Company

If you have a serious problem with cellar water, basement waterproofing Parma is a heavy-duty solution. Waterproofing consists of excavating around the leaky wall, patching it and installing a drainage system. Great care is taken around the property to keep your lawn and gardens intact during waterproofing.

Improve Your Landscaping

Did you know that your landscaping affects the amount of dampness in your basement? Dirt and mulch retain water and when they’re banked up against your foundation, the lack of airflow keeps your basement wet. Instead, keep a space between your flowerbeds and home, and make sure the ground slopes away.

Put in a Sump Pump

For basements that flood, a sump pump is necessary. A sump pump is situated inside a pit on your basement floor and is activated by accumulating water. This water is pumped out of the basement through a pipe and away from the house. For remaining dampness in the basement, a dehumidifier is effective at drying things out.

If you’re struggling with a wet basement, find a remedy now. With professional waterproofing, a rain gutter and improved landscaping, your basement will finally dry out.