6 kinds of Air Cooler Rooms for Dissipating Heat

Nowadays, more and more people have Air Conditioners to cool the room. Because the selling price of air conditioners is now more affordable. However, there are still some people who cannot buy air conditioners for various reasons, such as insufficient budget or insufficient available electric power to turn on an air conditioner. So, is there Air Cooler besides AC that can be used as an alternative? If we examine one by one, there are several types of air conditioners that can be used as an alternative to AC.

Although some of the air conditioners may not be as cool as Air Cooler, the air conditioner replacement air conditioners are effective enough to make the temperature in the room cooler and cooler. Uniquely, some of these air conditioners require lower power consumption than AC, you know! Curious what are the air conditioners that can be used as a substitute for Air Cooler? Come, see the following review.

  1. Air Cooler

Air Cooler is a form of cooling pack that is far more perfect, modern, and practical. Dimensions of the water cooler that is not too big makes it easy for you to move the device as you wish. Air Coolers are air conditioners in addition to air conditioners which provide cool air like air conditioners. Air coolers generally use electric power. However, you still have to fill this “fuel” water cooler with water or ice cubes. Of course, air coolers are the most superior replacement air conditioners among air conditioners. However, if the water tank that is available in the water cooler is only a capacity of under 10 liters, then you must fill it regularly so that this tool can still be used. The price of the water cooler varies greatly depending on the brand and specifications. If you are interested in buying the best evaporative cooler, you can buy it at Vankool.

  1. Cooling Pack

The first air conditioner besides the air conditioner is the Cooling Pack. At first glance, the shape resembles a neck pillow. However, this true cooling pack can only be used with a fan. Cooling packs are commonly used in stand or portable fans. You only need to put the cooling pack on the back of the fan. Furthermore, the fan will emit cool air like Air Cooler. Cooling pack can reduce the temperature of the room temperature 3-4 degrees Celsius. Before placing it behind the fan, the cooling pack must be frozen in the refrigerator for 4 hours. This tool can also be used to cool the cooler to store drinks or food. The disadvantage of using this cooling pack is that you have to provide a container behind the fan to collect water droplets from the cooling pack.

  1. Fans

You are certainly already familiar with this one. Fans consist of 2 types, namely portable and standing. Portable fans are easier to move anywhere because they are not too big. While standing fans usually have more power to produce air. However, standing fans are a little harder to carry anywhere. The fan is a much cheaper alternative to air-conditioning. In fact, today many fan products are more energy efficient. The power consumption of the fan is clearly smaller when compared to AC. It’s just that the air from the fan is not as cool as the air conditioner.

  1. Air Curtain

Air Curtain Many think that the air conditioner that is usually located at the entrance of a supermarket, mall, or building is an Air Conditioner (AC). However, the air conditioner which is generally located above the entrance of the building and the mall is Air Curtain. Obviously, the Air Curtain is very different from the Air Conditioner. Air Curtain exhales air with very high pressure. However, this is not merely to cool large rooms, but also to keep insects from entering the room. In addition, blowing air with high pressure from the Air Curtain also serves to prevent heat from outside entering the room. That way, the air in the room remains cool even though it is close to the exit. The use of Air Curtain is only recommended for large restaurants, supermarkets, malls, hotels, and high-rise buildings only. Because the consumption of electric power needed by this Air Curtain is very large. So, Air Curtain is not recommended for use at home or small business premises.

  1. Exhaust Fan

Exhaust fans are air conditioners other than air conditioners that are more economical and economical. Air conditioner that can be placed above the door or in the window works by sucking air from the room. New air contained in this room will certainly make the room temperature cooler.

The electrical power required by this Exhaust Fan is almost the same as a standing and portable fan. It’s just that, the air exhaled by this exhaust fan does not directly radiate into our bodies. So, the use of exhaust fans is indeed far safer for health when compared to fans.

  1. Ventilating Fan

Ventilating Fan At a glance the model of Ventilating Fan is indeed similar to the Exhaust Fan. However, Ventilating has more sophisticated features than an Exhaust Fan. This air conditioner is not only able to draw out the air that is in the room, but also able to enter the air coming from outside into the room. This air transfer will certainly make the room feel cool.

Although it is more sophisticated than an Exhaust Fan, this Ventilating Fan requires almost the same power consumption as its predecessor. So, you don’t need to worry that the electricity bill will swell if you use a Ventilating Fan.

Well, those were some of the air-conditioner replacement air conditioners. However, if you want to be more energy efficient, you can use air conditioners naturally. Room at home or office can be cooler with the following tips:

  • Make sure the room has a vent or window

Ventilation and windows function to replace the air in the room regularly. As we know, this air replacement process will make the temperature in the room feel cooler and also make it healthier.

  • Place greenery inside and outside the room

Plants can breathe carbon dioxide (CO2) and produce oxygen (O2). With the presence of green plants inside and outside the room, it will certainly make the temperature in the room become fresher, cooler, and cool.

  • Clean the room and pack unused items

A clean room will feel fresher and cooler than a dirty room. In addition, move some items and furniture that are not used so that the space in your room feels more spacious. The presence of goods and furniture in large quantities will make the room feel cramped and hot. The use of air conditioners other than air conditioners is certainly more energy efficient. However, you can save even more energy if you use the simple tips above to make the room feel cooler.