5 Upgrades To Make Your Home Stand Out

Top 10 Values of Home Upgrades - New Homes & Ideas

So many homes built today lack individuality, that homeowners are often looking for ways to make theirs stand out. These five upgrades can accentuate your home inside and out, making it stand out compared to others nearby.

1. Specialty Roofing

If you want to make your house really stand out in the neighborhood, upgrading to specialty roofing materials is a good way to go. Clay roofing tiles Miami FL is one really attractive option. These give a classic look that fits in with many styles. Additionally, clay tiles are durable. They can withstand saltwater, which is important if you are in a coastal region, and are designed to last for decades

2. Working Pantry

Many modern home designs leave out enough storage. Adding a working pantry is one great way to counter this and make your house a culinary showpiece. Think way beyond basic dry good storage when designing your pantry. Incorporate features like a sink, work counter, and refrigeration to make the space extra functional.

3. Stone Walkways

Stamped concrete and preformed pavers have taken over the home landscape scene. They are easy for homeowners to install, but often lack the beauty and durability of natural stone. To overcome this, work with a mason to have stone walkways added throughout your landscape. You might even want to splurge on a secluded stone reading nook tucked into a corner.

4. Commercial Appliances

If you really enjoy cooking, consider using commercial appliances in your home. These are designed to last through continuous use and, in many cases, they also perform better, giving you a better end result on your cooking attempts.

5. Professional Landscaping

Instead of settling for a standard rectangular lawn, invest in professional landscape design. Features like ponds, flower beds, and xeriscaping areas can really turn your home into a showpiece for the neighborhood.

A few upgrades can really help your home stand out. Some to consider include specialty roofing, upgraded kitchens, and professionally designed landscapes.