5 Things You Must Know Before You Buy a New Refrigerator

If you are keen on getting yourself a new fridge, you are probably bewildered at the thought of where you would start. Especially, if buying a new refrigerator is new to you.

Unlike other electronic devices that require little planning, modern refrigerators have a lot more going on than older brands. Therefore, you need to have your wits about you when navigating this market. Plus, you want something that will last you for a long time, which requires putting more thought into the features that matter most.

We invite you to follow along to discover what you must know before buying a new refrigerator.

1 – The Four Main Types of Fridges

If you consider how large this appliance is, you want your refrigerator to look good in your cooking area. Before you hop over to a reputable website or physical store to buy the next best thing, you must gather more information regarding the different style fridges. They come in four styles, such as

  1. Top freezer – The fridge is at the bottom and freezer section on top.
  2. Bottom freezer – The freezer at the bottom and the fridge sitting above it.
  3. Side-by-side – Two doors opening outwards with the fridge and freezer sitting alongside each other.
  4. French door – In this case, two doors will open outward while the freezer is at the bottom.

Even though there are many add-ons and variations, the four basic fridge models will get the job done. You need to decide which one will suit your lifestyle. It would be wise on your part to do your research before making a buying decision.

2 – How Much Available Space Do You Need?

The space you have available should be one of your first considerations when buying a new refrigerator. This will determine which size and type of fridge is right for you. If you just want to replace your existing refrigerator, then it is a case of measuring your fridge and check if there is additional space to install a taller model.

Should there be room for a bigger model, then can always remodel your kitchen and place the new addition in a different spot.

Also, measure the front door width as it will do you no good if you can’t get your cooling appliance into your home. What if there are additional pathways to consider or tight corners before the refrigerator finally moved in? The last thing you want is for your dream purchase to go back to where it came from.

3 – Pay Attention to the Features of Your New Refrigerator

Now that you’ve taken care of your space constraints, you need to consider which features you cannot do without. Every day, there are new innovations that make their way onto the design boards of engineers. The best refrigerators boast all kinds of technological advancements.

What comes to mind would be:

  • Fast-cooling compartments.
  • Reversible doors.
  • Crisper drawers.
  • Water and ice dispensers.
  • Child safety locks.
  • Energy-efficiency controls.
  • Food restocking automation

The best way to narrow down features is to consider your lifestyle and that of your family.

The best french door refrigerator is ideal for individuals who like to entertain and require enough space to accommodate fresh food storage. It is perfect for those who have difficulty bending down. Most of your resources will be at your fingertips.

Top freezer fridges are excellent for people who need to monitor their spending as they are more affordable than a French door model. Similar to a French door refrigerator, these are ideal for folks who love to entertain and need more space to store their food.

Side-by-side fridges are a good choice for people who dislike stretching to reach their frozen items and favor in-door water and ice dispensers.

4 – Food Habits Matter

Variable features in refrigerators that make our lives easier would include; the number of produce drawers, ice-making capability, in-door compartments, access, and freezer space.

One needs to pay attention to the foods you like to eat, how regularly you need to replace these and the quantities you need. Therefore, you need to make a smart decision when choosing your new fridge.

You may be someone who prefers frozen dinners in which case you have to maximize your space. In this regard, a double-door model or big bottom-freezer will be perfect.

Refrigerators that feature multiple drawers would be ideal for individuals who are big on produce.

If you are a milk or juice drinker, consider getting yourself a double-door fridge that has adjustable shelves to allow for different size beverages within the compartments.

For those who entertain regularly, a spacious refrigerator that can accommodate food platters of various sizes will do just fine.

5 – Consider Your Lifestyle

Are you married or do you live alone? Maybe you struggle with physical impairments or have back problems? The answers to these questions will influence your buying decision on the style and size of the fridge you should invest in.

Bigger families may favor a door-in-door model that features three compartment options to accommodate storage needs. Smaller families, however, would manage with the traditional models. 

Double-door style refrigerators are great for individuals with back problems who have trouble bending.

As a final thought, when you are on the lookout for a new fridge, measure everything. First, you need to determine the dimensions where the fridge will be placed. The door must not hit the wall or an island. Leave enough room, at least an inch all around for proper ventilation.

Consider the path the new refrigerator will take to make its way into the place you’ve reserved for it. Several deliveries end in a disaster as the hallway doors are too narrow. You may live higher up, which means you must use the elevator to get it delivered to your doorstep. Make use of cardboard that models the dimensions of your new fridge to ensure it will fit.

Once you determine your new refrigerator, ensure that you are fully informed regarding the functionalities and how to operate your newly acquired refrigerator. When you become experienced with it and have an in-depth understanding, you’ll be able to operate it with relative easy.

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