3 Ways to Spruce Up a Yard

It can be easy for homeowners to focus on fixing up their houses while neglecting to consider the surrounding landscape. No matter how beautiful a house is on the inside, if it is sitting in a lackluster yard, it will not hold much appeal. Sturdy, attractive fencing, a lush lawn and a stellar focal point can all take a yard from plain to stunning.

1. Add or Replace Fencing

Worn, rusty or broken fencing can detract from even the pretties of yards. Bright flowers can only hide so much, so maintaining the residential fencing Forest Lake IL should be a priority. If no fences exist, then consider installing some that will enhance the atmosphere of the yard and up the resale value of the home. There are many types of materials, shapes, sizes and patterns to choose from, and the right fence can add a lot of character to a property.

2. Maintain the Lawn

A simple and cost-effective way to quickly boost the look of a yard is by reinvigorating the lawn. Properly fertilizing, aerating and watering a lawn can reduce brown patches and create a lush, green carpet of grass. Following recommending care tips, like mowing at the right height and providing the right amount of water can yield results seemingly overnight.

3. Create a Focal Point

A focal point is an excellent way for the homeowner to add some personality to a yard. Fountains, elaborate gardens, ponds and more can all make great focal points. If the homeowner loves to host parties, then they can add gathering places for guests to congregate, while someone who prefers to relax in solitude may enjoy a meditation space.

Fixing up a yard is a fantastic way for homeowners to show off their creativity while also creating useable and attractive spaces to live, work or play.