3 Ways To Prevent Home Burglaries

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If you are away from your home for a vacation or even just during working hours, it might cross your mind that your residence could be broken into. While not all burglaries can be prevented, there are fortunately some ways that you can minimize the chances of your place of residence being targeted by thieves. Here are three ways to prevent home burglaries.

1. Leave Outside Lights On

Most burglars count on not being seen by neighbors or people driving by the house. Keeping lights on near doors and other points of entry may deter a thief because it heightens the risk of being seen. You can opt to keep a permanent outside light on or get a light that turns on when it detects motion. A device that lights up upon sensing motion may further scare a burglar into thinking that someone is in the house watching, and has turned a light on upon spotting them.

2. Eliminate Hiding Spots

While nice for maintaining a sense of privacy, if your home is surrounded by large trees or fences, keep in mind that burglars may use those as hiding spots while they attempt to gain entry to your residence. If your home and yard contain many of these hiding places, you might want to consider installing some security systems Huntsville to deter criminals while not sacrificing your privacy by cutting down trees and removing fences.

3. Lock Your Doors

Many thieves are opportunistic and will try to find easy points of entry such as unlocked doors and windows. Keep your doors locked, including any back doors that you might not think anyone will notice or attempt to gain access through. Get your locks changed if you have reason to believe that a bad actor has a spare key in their possession.

Utilize these three things in addition to other measures to keep your place of residence safe from burglars.