3 Tips To Help You Achieve a Low-Maintenance Yard

Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas | HGTV

It is usually rewarding to pull into your driveway and be greeted by an attractive yard. It is even better when you don’t have to get right to work maintaining the landscape. If the idea of dragging a hose around or applying yet another round of fertilizer doesn’t appeal to you, consider these three strategies to help you have a great yard with less work.

1. Start With Healthy Plants

When you start with healthy plants, you will have fewer problems with diseases and pests. That is because healthy plants are less stressed than weaker ones, which makes them more resilient to external forces. If you are working with existing landscape plants, consider conducting soil testing in gardens and hiring an arborist Cincinnati to ensure trees are in top shape.

2. Look To Native Vegetation

Using native plants can help improve the look of your entire yard while also cutting down on the amount of work needed to keep it up. This is because native plants are ideally suited to local weather patterns and conditions, even when other plants would wither. Think of a cactus thriving in a dry climate without needing constant care.

Do a little research if you are unsure what plants are native to your area. The local cooperative extension office is an excellent resource. They can help with soil testing to ensure you have a good start, provide advice about what plants will do best in the climate and your yard conditions, and, in some cases, direct you to reputable growers.

3. Use Xeriscaping

Going a step further, you might choose to design your yard using xeriscaping. This is a design technique that seeks to eliminate — or at least drastically reduce — the need for irrigation. it may incorporate paths and patios, or simply use plants that require little care.

Choosing healthy plants that are well suited to your area will greatly reduce the amount of maintenance they need. Using xeriscaping can further cut down on the need for regular watering without compromising your yard’s appearance.