3 Tips for Decorating Your New Home

3 Tips for Decorating Your New Home and Making it Your Own - The Healthy  Voyager

Moving into a new home can be stressful, but decorating it should be fun. A new house is a chance to start building your design vision from scratch. Take advantage of this opportunity with these tips for home decorating Arlington VA.

Ditch the Non-Essentials

Before you move, imagine what your ideal home looks like. This is the perfect time to get rid of excess things you don’t even like anymore. You’ll have a simpler foundation to build on if you only take your most beloved items with you. Ask yourself why you want those treasures in your new space and find inspiration from there. Do you love the worldly look of that Moroccan rug or the feminine lines of your favorite loveseat? Try replicating that feeling when you’re choosing new décor.

Choose Your Focal Point

If you need teal walls in your dining room, that’s great. Just make sure you paint the walls before you choose the furniture. The same goes for bold-colored pieces, such as a sofa or a painting. Choosing your focal point before gathering the other elements gives you a jumping-off point that narrows down your options. Not only is the decorating process simplified, but you’ll also be more likely to find pieces that all compliment each other.

Be True to Your Style

There are plenty of must-haves trending on social media, but trends are fickle. Avoid shopping according to what’s popular right now, and choose a design plan that reflects your personality. If you aren’t sure what your style is, try creating a vision board with cutouts from magazines or printed pictures from the Internet. Scour multiple sources and include anything that grabs your eye, even if it’s something you can’t afford. The important thing is to get a comprehensive idea of what moves you so that you can replicate that style on your budget.

Decorating your new place is the first step to turning your house into a home. A little planning and inward reflection goes a long way in creating the abode of your dreams.