3 Tips for a Smoother Move

Whether you’re moving your family’s home, into a new apartment, or even into a college dormitory, changing living situations can be a stressful task. There are many steps to take before you can comfortably live in your new place, so below find three tips to make the moving process smoother.

Don’t Pack at the Last Minute

Packing always takes a lot longer than people originally think. Instead of saving it for the last minute, pack gradually over the span of weeks, not days. If you are an extremely organized person, you could first create lists of things you won’t need until you’ve arrived at your home, such as home decorations, certain pieces of furniture, off-season clothing, and everything in guest bedrooms. Renting a space in a climate-controlled storage Canon City will give you a safe place to keep these things in the meantime, while you continue to box your belongings.

Buy a Variety of Packing Materials

According to many organized individuals, there is an artform to proper packing. Purchase a variety of packing materials, including boxes of several sizes, paper and bubble wrap for cushioning, and sturdy tape to keep everything from falling apart. Make sure you buy an abundance of materials; it would not be good to run out in the middle of packing.

Leave Moving to the Professionals

It may be tempting to save money and rent your own truck to move; however, loading and unloading a moving truck is no easy feat. The amount of money you may save isn’t worth the cost of professional movers. Not only will you be spared the heavy lifting, but professionals should know how to safely load and unload without damaging your furniture and boxes of breakable items.

With the right preparation, moving doesn’t have to be a headache. Get it all done efficiently and safely, and you will be enjoying your new home in no time.