3 Tips for a Kid-Safe Yard

Video games have nothing on back yards. Electronic entertainment has its place, but most kids would rather run, jump, tumble and explore in a real-world setting rather than do so digitally. That’s why every summer, American back yards are filled with children participating in sports, playing make-believe and engaging in other fun activities. There is one similarity that your lawn shares with video game landscapes, however: both have an element of danger. While there are no aliens, zombies or monsters lurking in your yard, there are plenty of hazards that await unsuspecting kids. Here are some tips to make your yard a safe place.

Create a Safety Zone Around Grills

Kids love to run and play, but it needs to be done at a safe distance away from outdoor cooking. If a youngster accidentally knocks over a grill, it could cause fires or burns if the unit is still warm or filled with hot coals or grease. One study found that more than 15,000 children a year suffer grill-related injuries. In addition to installing a no-play zone, never leave a grill unattended and always keep flammable items locked up where kids can’t find them.

Eliminate Obstacles in the Yard

Cuts, bruises and broken bones may occur when kids play in a yard full of stumps, holes and exposed roots. Hire a service for stump removal Orlando FL or in your area, and also be sure to keep dangerous garden tools and lawncare equipment off the ground and in a secure spot. Hoses are another tripping hazard, so keep them rolled up and out of high-traffic zones.

Remove Toxic Plants

Kids have a lot of curiosity, and it could get the better of them if it causes them to eat or chew on poisonous plants. Some, like pokeweed, honeysuckle and spotted laurel, have colorful, yet highly toxic, berries that could entice youngsters. Eradicate any such plants from your property.

Keeping kids safe can seem like a never-ending task. Following these tips, however, will help to protect them while playing in the yard.