3 Guidelines for Creating a Healthy, Vibrant Yard

Most people like having a nice-looking yard. For some, it can seem like there is a mysterious code to crack to reach that goal. Follow the three guidelines listed below, and you too may have a beautiful yard.

Clear Out all Dead or Damaged Trees and Shrubs

Maintain the health of your trees and shrubs by hiring an affordable tree service Cincinnati to check them annually for dead limbs and disease. If you have trees or shrubs that are already dead, have them promptly removed as failing to do so can lead to many problems. Those dead trees can be a breeding ground for pests like bugs or mice that can migrate to your home. The disease that one tree has can quickly spread to other trees – the Emerald Ash Borer is an excellent example of that type of problem. Dead limbs or whole trees can fall and cause costly damage to your home.

Follow annual maintenance care

Your grass needs food and water. You must give it fertilizer multiple times during the year. You must also protect it from predators (weeds and bugs). It is essential to follow the care guidelines for lawns in your part of the country. All lawns are not created equal. If you move from Chicago to San Antonio and try to maintain the same schedule and type of lawn maintenance, you may destroy your new yard.

Aerate your lawn

The soil of your yard becomes compacted year after year. Grass, trees and plants need to have space for their roots to grow. This is where a great invention called an aerator enters in. It is slightly larger than a push mower, but still quite manageable. All it requires is for you to push it around your yard, and it will pull out plugs of dirt to provide air holes in the soil. Check in your area for the recommended frequency for aerating your soil.

By following these three guidelines with your grass, trees and shrubs, you may be able to create the outdoor area that you have been envious of in your neighbors. At the very least, you can make your plants healthier and happier.