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All You Need to Know about Law

There are various terms of the legal profession that are known to the public. Such as legal consultants, advocates, attorneys, lawyers, legal advisors who can proceed in court proceedings and handle all matters relating to the law. Previously, the rules regarding the legal profession had not been codified or separated. So that it creates a different meaning.


Legal consultants are people who act to provide advice and / or carry out non-litigation duties. In court proceedings (litigation), a legal consultant cannot represent his client. To become a legal consultant does not have certain requirements, as long as you have a legal background and have specific experience in certain fields of law.

Literally, being a legal consultant is required to have sharp analysis of legal issues and conduct legal research. So, it is very necessary to master the substance of the law. A legal consultant is likened to a client’s legal partner and partner who must know the client’s legal journey. Usually a legal consultant is needed by every corporation.


The term ‘attorney’ is still often heard by the ears of the public. Legal attorneys in the legal profession serve as assistants or represent parties in court cases. These legal attorneys are generally represented by Advocates.

Legal attorney can also be defined as someone who has the responsibility to assist the disputing parties to proceed in court. The assistance is carried out on the basis of an agreement with the parties involved and stated in a special power of attorney.

Different from the definition of a lawyer when litigating in a tax court. This legal attorney can be in the form of an individual and must have a legal attorney’s license officially issued by the Head of the Tax Court.

Legal attorney’s license for an individual must meet a number of requirements set by the Tax Court. One of them is by submitting an application to become a legal attorney through the Tax Court Secretariat.


The definition of a lawyer before the enactment of the advocate law is someone who carries out his duties and roles as a lawyer in the litigation process (legal case) whose scope of work is limited to the area of ​​the High Court where the person concerned is appointed and after having sufficient experience can be appointed as an advocate. which has work areas across the region.


In more detail, the legal services provided by lawyers are in the form of legal consultation, legal assistance, exercising power from clients, defending, representing, assisting, and taking various other legal actions in order to fulfill the client’s legal interests.

Based on the Ministerial Decree, the scope of an advocate’s proceedings covers all regions of the region. Therefore, an advocate is required to have a permit to proceed in court in the form of an Advocate Member Card and Oath Procedure Files.


Legal advisor is a profession that provides legal assistance and / or advice. Legal counsel can be either an association or …

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