3 Ways To Care for Your Front Yard

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People sometimes see the front yard before they notice your house. No matter how nice your home is, it doesn’t matter if your lawn is not maintained. This will distract from your curb appeal and potentially lower your property values. Consider the following steps to make sure you aren’t the only family in the neighborhood neglecting your property.

Take Care of the Grass

Don’t get too fancy at first. The grass, if you have it, ties everything together. Just like your hair, you need to keep it trimmed. If you have a busy schedule like many people these days, you might want to consider using a mowing Houston TX service. This will allow you to run around taking your kids to soccer games or horseback riding lessons on the weekend while not sacrificing the quality of your lawn. Use an edger along the driveway so that weeds don’t spill onto the pavement. Make sure to install sprinklers if it doesn’t rain frequently in your area.

Use the Right Plants

Make It regional. Palm trees in Vermont don’t make much sense. Research the flowers and trees that grow best in your climate and plant those. Keep in mind that not all plants will be flowering at the same time. Many varieties of pine trees shine in winter, while cherry blossoms peak in spring. Mix up the styles in terms of texture as you also keep a color scheme in mind. A blend of three different colors often makes for perfect visual appeal. Use plants that serve a purpose such as marigolds that ward off mosquitos.

Define the Yard With Other Materials

You can draw attention to certain areas by adding height to otherwise flat places. Mulching provides a good way to make berms in such situations. You may use stones to accentuate certain areas, such as walkways that lead to the front door. Trellises with certain vines add vertical dimensions that may be missing.

There are seemingly endless options for optimizing the territory between the street and your home. Take advantage of the situation.