10 Things You Should Know Before Building a Bathroom

Building a bathroom requires special attention and consideration. That’s why it’s not uncommon for people to consult an interior designer to design the perfect bathroom. In any case, obviously it requires a ton of cash.

If you want to design a bathroom, whether it’s designing yourself or asking for interior services, there are a number of things you need to consider. Examples are functions, aesthetic elements, water systems, to their layout. In this article Kania will explain 10 things you should know before building a bathroom, let’s watch together!

  1. Functions and Uses of Furniture

There are those who make the bathroom as a place for washing at the same time, some are making the bathroom only for cleaning. Think about what you will do in the bathroom.

If the bathroom is only used for a small washing area (such as washing hands or washing your face or a separate bathroom for guests), you don’t need big furniture in the bathroom.

  1. Determine the Location of the Bathroom

The position of the bathroom in a house has an important role, especially in terms of efficiency and usability. Ideally, the bathroom should be located near other rooms where water is frequently used, such as the washing area and the kitchen.

This will greatly assist the installation of a shower water heating system which must also be installed close to a room that frequently uses water. The closer the water heating system is to the bathroom, the higher the efficiency of water use.

  1. Pay attention to the area and plan

The area of ​​a bathroom must be considered. If it is too wide, it will take up other adjacent rooms. Therefore, make a rough sketch of the bathroom plan to be built, including the direction of opening the bathroom door, whether in or out. If the bathroom door opens to the inside, then you will have trouble putting anything behind the door.

  1. Know the number of occupants in the house

A family that uses a bathroom has different needs than a spouse of elderly people or a house that only has one person in it. So, the number of residents in the house will affect the bathroom design. Do you need two sinks, a shower, a sitting closet, or a bathtub?

Bathroom equipment must also be adjusted to the bathroom design. For example, a minimalist bathroom design ideally requires minimalist furniture as well.

  1. Choosing the Right Bathroom Furniture

The selection of furniture and bathroom fixtures must also be considered, you know. Separating the dry bathroom area and the wet area is useful for determining the type of material from the furniture in the bathroom. In a wet bathroom area, for example, you should use furniture and bathroom fittings that are not damaged even though they are consistently exposed to water, such as bathroom tiles, marble and stainless steel. You can also install faucet trend as an elegant value addition to your bathroom.

  1. Planning a dry area in the bathroom

This area tends to be …